Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Repair and Restoration

MaxPro Clean offers water damage restoration in Orlando, FL. If you’re battling with water damage – from the aftermath of a fire, from faulty plumbing, leaky ceilings or pipes, or just because someone forgot to close the window before the big storm – time is of the essence.

Ignoring standing water or signs of moisture in walls, ceilings, floors and other parts of your home will quickly mushroom into serious health risks. That’s why MaxPro Clean has a 24/7 emergency water extraction and flood restoration hot-line waiting for your call . Our team is adept at dealing with flood damage using professional, high-powered water extraction, drying and cleaning equipment. Our many years in the field have also given us lots of experience with all major insurance agencies.

Water damage restoration technicians from MaxPro Clean have hands on experience dealing with all types of water damage at varying levels of contamination.
If you see any signs of water damaged furniture / walls / carpets, avoid compounded health issues by calling us today 407-314-5812. After evaluating the premises with specialized moisture detection instruments, our technicians will outline the steps necessary they will take to dry up the water and restore as much as possible. The results will be:

  • Clean, fresh smelling interiors
  • No mold, mildew and other bacteria or fungi associated with water damage
  • Carpet, furniture, upholstery and wood floor restoration

Please note that the ace team from Maxpro Clean of Orlando is not made up of plumbers or general contractors. We recommend that you contact the appropriate professional to eliminate the source of the flooding prior to or concurrent to the cleanup process.


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